Soccer Saturday Drinking Game

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  • Everytime a goal is scored:- 1 shot of beer
  • Every sending off:- 1 shot of Spirit
  • Half time:- Absolutely no alcoholic beverages may be consumed during this period.
  • Whenever Chris Kamara is talking:- You must be drinking
  • Whenever the magic man Paul Merson uses stupid rhyming slang (i.e.he's hit the beans on toast!):- 1 shot of Spirit
  • In the second half, all teams can only be referred to by their nicknames:- Failure to do so results in a 3 beer shot penalty.
  • Whenever Swindon Town appear on the vidiprinter: - Last person to shout out 'Mackerel' takes shot of Spirit.
  • Whenever Dundee appear on the vidiprinter:- Last person to shout out 'Football' takes shot of Spirit.
  • Everytime Phil Thompson says 'Stevie Gerrard':- 3 shots of beer.
  • Everytime Jeff makes an 'A Trialist' joke:- 3 shots of beer.
  • Everytime your team score:- 2 extra shots of beer
  • Any hint of racism (social or otherwise) from any of the pundits:- 2 shots of Spirit
  • Everytime Hartlepool score a goal:- 3 shots of beer
  • Everytime a pundit shouts off camera:- 2 shots of beer
  • Whenever Chris Kamara says its unbelievable Jeff, all drinks must be downed
  • Everytime Jeff says its Doom and Gloom at... - 1 shot of Spirit
  • Everytime the team 'Keith' is referred to as just being one guy :- 1 shot of Spirit
  • Everytime Brighton & Hove, or Daggenham & Redbridge are jokingly referred to as two different teams playing the same opposition:- 1 shot of Spirit
  • Everytime anything bad happens to Manchester United (injury, og, booking etc.) :- 2 celebratory shots of the spirit of choice.
  • Whenever Northampton Town appear on the vidiprinter, last person to shout out 'Cobblers' :- shot of Spirit
  • Whenever a James Brown related joke is made :- Last person to sing 'I feel good' must down drink
  • Any talk of Man City 'buying the title':- down your beer.
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