Soccer Bot: stats & projections

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Soccer Bot is an intelligent chatbot that provides you with stats, projections and analysis for every soccer game in English Premier League and MLS.

How does it work?

  1. Type in any team from English Premier League.
  2. You will instantly get a prediction for the next game for the chosen team.
  3. Then you can ask for a different type of data (i.e. “head to head”, “league winner”, “score prediction”) or just type in a different team.
  4. You also can set a notification for every game of the chosen team.
  5. In case if you need help you just need to type “help”.

Leagues supported (more to come soon):

  • Major League Soccer (available with the start of the regular season in March 2017)
  • Premier League

Available data:

  • match prediction
  • score projections
  • head-to-head stats
  • current stats of teams
  • next games of teams
  • league table
  • predictions for the league winner
  • recent results of teams
  • live score

Soccer Bot is powered by BETEGY, leading provider of soccer projections and stats worldwide. If you would like to get more information, go directly to BETEGY website:

For questions and suggestions, drop us a mail to


Fútbol Bot: estadísticas, puntuación en vivo, predicciones

Fútbol Bot es un chatbot inteligente que te provee con estadísticas, proyecciones y análisis para cada juego de fútbol en la Liga Premier Inglesa y MLS.

Ligas apoyadas (más por venir):

  • Major League Soccer (disponible al inicio de la temporada regular en marzo 2017)
  • Liga Premier
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