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SmoothBag™ was started

The SmoothBag™ is an innovative brand-new product which has the honourable mission to help you relax easily and live life in the smooth lane.

SmoothBag™ is an inflatable sofa that fills with air within seconds, is immensely comfortable and can be described as a brilliant combination of an inflatable couch with the very simple filling-technique used on dry-bags. You'll only need two scoops of air and you're ready for relaxation. No external pump is needed.

Therefore it can be inflated and deflated within seconds and stored in a small carrying-bag giving you the opportunity to carry your LayBag anywhere you want without losing time chilling smoothly on your SmoothBag™.

Essentially the SmoothBag™ is the perfect product for all outdoor activities such as festivals, camping, park hangouts and traveling (for example at the airport when you are waiting for your flight). And because of its composition of durable, super strong nylon fabric, it will withstands the harshest of conditions, including snow, extreme heat, things like that.

Weighs less than a laptop, very easy to carry around Inflates in seconds, no pump needed Durable, high quality nylon (similar to parachute/kitesurf fabric) Eco friendly production & materials Extremely smooth & comfortable at all times Can be used without any issues on Rocks, Water, Snow, Sand, Grass etc.

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