Smitch (Entertainment Devices - U.S)

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Smitch skill let you control all electrical appliances connected to the Smitch control devices. An amazon account is required to enable this skill. The Amazon account email and Smitch email should be the same for the skill to work.

You’ll need to use the My Smitch for iOS or Android to connect your Smitch devices to your home network and give them distinct names. Open the Smart Home screen in the Alexa app, select “Get More Smart Home Skills”, select the Smitch skill and press “Enable Skill”.

Once your Smitch account is verified and linked to your Alexa profile, you can discover your devices by saying, “Alexa, discover my devices” or running a device discovery in the Smart Home screen of the Alexa app.

To control your devices, say “Alexa turn on/off my .” You can also create groups of other ON/OFF devices in the Alexa app to control together.

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