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Shedavi is a beauty brand built on the concept to Cherish Oneself. With this in mind, Shedavi has created all-natural, holistic and ethically sustainable products focused on the health of your hair, skin and nails. Shedavi's main objective is to cater to your ultimate hair goals – long, thick, strong and healthy hair.

Our founder, Elizabeth Davis, absolutely loves beautiful, lush, full and long hair. She did not always have hair like this. Through her desire for long healthy hair, she researched, learned and implemented natural long hair care techniques. She went natural, wore protective styles, moisturized and sealed for length retention and created her own hair growth aids. Her hair grew from shoulder length to waist length in less than 4 years. She absolutely cherishes her hair and would like to provide you with products and advice that will help you achieve your hair hair goals

Always remember to Cherish Your Hair.

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