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Nine years ago we gathered a passionate and committed group of health advocates to share essential oils and empower the homes in our neighborhood. We called it share doTERRA. We expanded our vision and mission to be a healer in every home. We recognized we needed refined processes to duplicate in a way that this empowerment could reach every home on the planet. We spent seven years in the pursuit of that and called it Share Success. Now that system has expanded and shifted to DoTERRA's hands to fuel growth of this movement across languages and markets everywhere. So now you'll find the best of Share Success brought to you through doTERRA's Empowered Success Training and Tools. So from now on, Share Success will now be our team name. We are back to our roots: Share Success - the team we began gathering nine years ago and that has now flourished into a massive movement. We are so grateful to be in collaboration with such powerful creators!

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