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Terms and Conditions

Customers availing of our products agree and are bound to the following terms and conditions:

  1. We are purely a re-seller of air tickets, hotel accommodations, bus tickets, and tour packages.

  2. All bookings are final and nonrefundable. Any changes will result in stiff penalties, change fees, service charges, and surcharges.

  3. It is the sole responsibility of the passengers to check the status of their departing flight and to be aware of any flight delays or cancellations. Our agency will strive to relay information to the customers as the information come in from the airlines. Any arrangement for rebooking, hotel accommodation, transportation and meal expenses as a result of flight delays or cancellations will be coordinated directly by the passenger to the airline as our agency has no authority or liability over airline operations.

  4. We do not provide or promise/claim to provide any advice, recommendations, assurances, guarantees, counseling or any information with regards to visas, passports, immigration issues, travel documents, travel permits, customs/quarantine clearances, or any legal issues concerning domestic or international travels.

  5. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to comply with differing passport validity/rule per country. Some states require a validity of at least 6 months from the last day of travel. We cannot be held liable nor responsible if the passenger is not allowed to travel due to an expired or expiring passport.

  6. It is the sole responsibility of the passenger to follow all laws, orders, demands, regulations and travel requirements and in obtaining all necessary visas, travel authorizations, travel permits, travel documents, travel clearances, and all types of documents needed and required by the Immigration, the Customs, and the airline.

  7. We are not held liable nor responsible for any offloading incident or any decision of the Immigration Officers to refuse departure or foreign country entry for the passenger. We cannot be held liable nor responsible for all forfeited, canceled, or tickets considered flown, no show and all instances wherein the passenger failed to utilize any or all portions of the tickets. No rebooking will be made, no refund shall be given, no new booking shall be provided, or no remuneration or payment of any type shall be given at the expense of the agency.

  8. SELFIES Travel and Tours and its partner operator(s) will not be held liable nor responsible for unused lodging, air tickets, bus tickets, tours, air transportation, land transportation, and water transportation. No refund will be given on accounts of force majeure, labor disputes, natural disasters, Acts of God, fortuitous events, delayed/canceled flights, client's error, client's health condition, or all and other causes beyond the control of SELFIES Travel and Tours and its partner operator(s).

  9. Since we are only a re-seller of tickets, hotels accommodations, and packaged tours, your contract of carriage is with the airline, hotel, and tour operators. We have no responsibility and liability over airline, hotel, and tour operations.

Customers shall release SELFIES Travel and Tours from any harm, lawsuits, arbitration, litigation, and any or all types of claims arising from situations as mentioned above against the agency, its employees, staff, officers, and owners.



Rebooking is a service we provide to you. You, as the passenger, may also contact the airline directly for rebooking. If you wish to avail our rebooking service, please understand the following terms of service:

  1. We will coordinate your rebooking through Via Philippines (our booking system company) who, in turn, will receive a quote from the airline. There are instances when we have to coordinate with the airline directly. The entire process may take 1-3 business days depending on how complicated the rebooking request is. Your patience is highly requested.

  2. The quote we provide you is valid only within a very short period of time (normally 10-15 minutes) due to the volatility of air fare prices especially if the new travel date is near, within a peak season/blackout period, or if there are only a few seats left on the price we gave you. Therefore, we cannot guarantee all quoted prices.

  3. It is very possible that price may change even after you have sent your payment. If this happens, we will inform you right away, and you can decide whether to pursue rebooking with the new price (subject to additional payment) or cancel rebooking and get your payment fully refunded. Sending your payment to us does NOT lock you in on a rebooking quote.

  4. Payments and rebooking requests have a cutoff of 4:00pm. After which, we will request for a new rebooking quote from Via Philippines or from the airline on the next business day. Please observe our business hours of Monday to Saturday, from 9:00AM-5:45PM.

  5. All rebooked (completed) itineraries are final and non refundable.

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