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Established in beautiful Noosa in the year 2000 by Co-Founders Jane Meredith and Dietmar Gorlich. Together their combined 30 years of jewellery experience unearthed the awareness that not all women could afford the diamond of their dreams. Secrets was the first Australian company to introduce revolutionary Diamond Simulants set in beautiful fine quality designs. Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants, comparable in colour and brilliance to a fine diamond, have since been embraced throughout Australia and the world.

The opening of the first Secrets store brought Jane’s dreams to fruition. Secrets gives women the opportunity to feel equally valued; to be confident wearing beautifully crafted fine jewellery and enjoy the same empowerment as women who wear the most expensive gem stones.

Secrets Managing Director, Jane Meredith explains, “Beautiful designer jewellery with stones larger than 1ct were simply out of reach for more than 90% of women. Being motivated to change this and to be able to offer women an alternative, we researched the new technology in Diamond Simulants that was emerging in the late nineties. We were amazed at what we discovered; a stone that looked like a diamond, sparkled like a diamond and had brilliance that would last a lifetime.”

Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants are created in a controlled environment from the mineral base, zirconium oxide. This revolutionary stone is produced using intense heat and only the most perfect material is selected and hand cut by master craftsmen to ideal proportions demanded in the fine diamond industry. Secrets provides jewellery to suit every occasion whether it be a statement piece for that special event, a symbolic design for your engagement, anniversary or celebration or a stunning fashion piece that makes you look and feel fabulous.

In addition to celebrating life’s moments with classic, timeless designs featuring Secrets Signature Diamond Simulants, Secrets is now also fashion focused introducing beautiful colour ranges and designs straight from the catwalk. Secrets designs can be seen in stores across Australia and online.

Secrets passion and commitment to the creation of attainable, fine jewellery ensures women from around the world will always be empowered by having the jewellery of their choice. Secrets encourages you to visit your nearest store or online. The caring team members are on hand to ensure your experience is enjoyable and memorable offering choice in quality designs to capture your brilliance.

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