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Scryb makes it easy for anyone to send a SMS text message hands-free from home, or when you don't have access to a smartphone.

To start using the Scryb skill, say:
Alexa, open Scryb. (pronounce it like the word ‘scribe’)
Alexa will then ask you for the phone number of the text recipient.

Then tell Alexa the 10 digit phone number - example: 123-555-1212

To start sending a text message you can say:
Alexa, tell Scryb to send a text
Alexa will then ask you for the text message you want to send.
Alexa will let you verify and confirm the message by repeating what it understood.
We have discovered that Alexa can recognize short text messages better than the long ones.

To verify what the configured number is, you can say:
Alexa, ask Scryb what number is set

Also, please remember that:
- It is not possible to receive replies to the text messages through Alexa
- Only one destination phone number is supported
- Only 10 digit North America phone numbers can be used

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