Sarcastic Kashmir

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Kashmir is a Himalayan region to the north of India, once called as the Paradise. Its mountains and fountains, streams and lakes, gardens and landscapes had just made it an awning space to live in. The region was once much peaceful, happier and harmonious. The chirping of birds, the songs of nightingales and the morning soft breeze used to give a balmy inspiration to all. Everyone was proud to be a Kashmiri. Unfortunately, every beauty of the valley became unadorned, and bald. There is no peace, no harmony and no happiness in the valley. Don't know whose looks were so barbing that the canopy of happiness was extirpated from the so called 'Paradise', now turned into a Hell.

The facts and figures listed have been collected with utmost care. If you've any objection, you've full right to ask us about your objection. Kindly contact us for the purpose. If you have any true story with you, please share with us.

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