Sarah Wells Breast Pump Bags

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Sarah Wells, LLC was founded by...well, Sarah Wells! Sarah is a 30-something, busy, working mom of a toddler, who still manages to love all things fashion. In truth, a lot of days she doesn't have much time for dressing up beyond putting on a pair nice black pants and a fun top; but the one way to spice up an outfit is a GREAT BAG.

The idea for a stylish and über-functional breast pump bag came to Sarah in 2011 after the birth of her daughter. Breastfeeding was really important to her, but the transition back to work and carrying a pump brought about some challenges. Everyday she schlepped a purse and (quite ugly) pump bag; throw in an extra case for an iPad or laptop and a lunch bag and she was looking like a pack mule walking down the streets of Washington, DC. Sarah was hesitant to combine the contents of her purse with the plain jane bag that came with my pump equipment; there really wasn't enough space and she didn't like the idea of co-mingling gum wrappers with sterile bottles. Or a cell phone with breast milk shields.

Yes, you can put your pump equipment in your existing purse or buy a tote. But will it have special breast pump pockets, keeping equipment and bottles separate from everything else, let alone lined with easy-to-clean material? Will it be stylish? This is how Sarah Wells bags were born.

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