Sambung Kata

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Sambung Kata is a word chain game in Telegram! Initially developed for Indonesian language, now @sambungkatabot is supporting English language too.

How to Play : @Sambungkatabot will give the initial word, and other player must answer with word that started with previous word syllable or letter. Invite to your group, and have fun!

Sambung Kata means Connect the Word in English.

In this game, we must connect the last syllable from a word (in Bahasa Indonesia) into a new word?

There are 2 modes of play:

  • Single player mode where you connect the word continuously against the time. Remember, the answer timeout will be decreasing eventually.
  • Group play mode, where you play Sambung Kata with friends.
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/start - Start the game /chaos - Start Chaos game /jawab - Answer the questions /join - Join the game /language - Set bot language /help - Display bot help information /howto - How to play this bot? /forcestart - Starts the game immediately