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RooBot, the smart shopping chatbot for Blue Kangaroo, is your personal shopping concierge. RooBot will personalize your shopping experience finding the best deals, discounts and prices from across the shopping universe. Shopping with RooBot is as natural as texting a friend and as helpful as having your own personal assistant for shopping.

RooBot will search through thousands of deals and millions of products from hundreds of marquee retailers to find deals, discounts and products from your favorite brand. But RooBot is so much more than just a sophisticated, personalized shopping-related search engine! Here’s a sampling of some of the things that RooBot can do for you:

  • Personalization: RooBot delivers the best products and deals, personalized just for you
  • Price Drop Alerts: Get notified when a product goes on sale at any retailer
  • Collections: Create a collection of products you love with the click of a button
  • Product Comparison: Create a collection of similar products so that you can compare prices and details side-by-side

RooBot is the smartest bot around. It’s built with conversational artificial intelligence that’s fluent in shopping.

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Inquiries in English to find products at virtually any retailer within a given price range.