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Your peace of mind is our product.

What if every decision you make from now on could be the right one because you now access to the right information and advice?

What if, regardless the situation, good or bad, you knew your rights would be protected?

What if, when you hear of yet another data breach, you breath a sigh of relief because you know a team of licensed investigators is watching out for you and your family members and that your team ready to jump into action at the first sign of trouble and guarantees your identity will be rock-solid for life?

30fold Benefits markets the life-events legal services plans and identity protection plans for individuals, families, businesses, truck drivers, and employees that level the playing field for all Americans.

Plans and prices vary from state to state. * To understand actual plan benefits see a member contract for your state (available from your associate). We are Independent LegalShield Associates.

Live more, worry less. LegalShield

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