Rently Keyless Smart Home

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To use this app you must have a Rently Keyless hub setup. If you want to get a hub, please call 1-855-248-8144 or mail . After you get the hub, use your Android or iOS device to download the Rently Keyless App and register with us.
Once you set up your hub, you can use devices such as Switches,Thermostats and Dimmers.

Account Linking And Device Discovery steps:

1) Open the Alexa app and go to Link with 'Rently Keyless Smart Home' skill and login to your Rently account.
2) Say Alexa, discover devices. Your devices will be displayed under Smart Home in the Alexa App.

Usage Guide

1) To update the names of the devices, use the Rently Keyless smartphone App and update the device name to what you would like to call them.
2) Always discover your device to get the changes in device name.
3) Please make sure your hub is online before you try to discover devices using this app.

Operations you can perform using this app:

Thermostat Operations:
turn on the office ac
turn off the office ac
set the office ac to 56 degrees

Dimmable Switch Operations:
turn on the cabin light
turn off the cabin light
set the cabin light to 45 percent

Switch Operations
turn on the bedroom switch
turn off the bedroom switch

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