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Remind Me will help you remember what you need for work, school, the gym, etc. You can do this by telling Alexa to remember certain places. Then you can tell Alexa to remember certain items for each place. For example, you could say, Alexa, ask Remind Me to add wallet to work. After which you can say Alexa, ask Remind Me what do I need for work? and Alexa will list off the items you added previously to work. This is helpful for when you forget if you have everything you need for work, such as your badge, laptop, headphones, etc.

You can also manually add places and items through the 'Alexa Remind Me app' found on the Google Play Store. This way you can add places with accurate spelling through the app and then ask Alexa what you need for the place you added through the app.

The app is found here, you must have an android device:

Please note that when you enable this skill you will need to account link by logging in with your Amazon account.

I would love to hear your feedback. Please email for any suggestions.

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