Record Bird

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Hello music fan, I'm the Record Bird chatbot and I can tell you about new music releases by your favourite artists - even before they happen! 🔮 Simply connect me with your Facebook and let me do my magic for you.

If you'd like, I can also send you a reminder whenever your artists drop new music. On top, you can always ask me things like What's new in hop hop or anything new by kendrick lamar and I'll do my best to get your eyes and ears on some new tunes!

So what are you waiting for? Time to become the biggest music nerd in town... 🤓

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  • What's new in Hip Hop?
  • Anything new by Kendrick Lamar?
  • What’s new by Metallica?
  • This Week in Rock
  • Search Artist
  • My Recent Searches
  • My Upcoming Releases