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This Skill provides the user with access to over 14 News sources via their RSS Feeds. This standalone Skill will read off the Headlines for each news source allowing the user to access the most up to date news at a moment's notice. Please review the detailed list below in order to find your RSS News Feed and it's custom slot value word to activate each feed. If you know of a news feed that you would like to add leave us a review and include your suggestion.

To Access News Source Simply Say:
Download Blog for the iDownload Blog RSS Feed
Gadget for the Engadget RSS Feed
Game Informer for the Game Informer RSS Feed
Games Network for the IGN RSS Feed
Gamespot for the Gamespot RSS Feed
Meta Critic for the MetaCritic RSS Feed
Nintendo for the Nintendo RSS Feed
Reviews for the gamespot review RSS Feed
Tech Crunch for the Techcrunch RSS Feed
Tech Radar for the Techradar RSS Feed
Tech Radar Gaming for the Tech Radar Gaming RSS Feed
Slash Dot for the Slashdot RSS Feed
Xbox for the Xbox Live RSS Feed
Video Gamer for the Video Gamer RSS Feed

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