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Amanda Raby is a Dirty-South Wizard-Pop artist with infusions of Electro-Folk and World.

From the sweltry swamp waters of the Texas coast, Amanda Raby is bewitching the Americas. Fans say she sounds like, “Cyndi Lauper meets Portishead at a Southern witch’s rally”.

In the tiny sea of female Pop producers, Raby’s spellbinding style is formalized by poppy synths, folky guitar, stellar vocals, enchanting operatics and audacious lyrics bent on saucy sorcery. A known shape-shifter, she channels glamorous characters into fantastic atmospheres.

Raby has garnished grande aplomb via performances at some of the world’s largest transformational music festivals including Envision Fest 2016 and Lightning in a Bottle (2013 + 2014) where she roused revelry with her cheeky rap tunes and shamanic clown characters. She is currently producing her anticipated debut album from a remote fishing village. Ableton Live guru and musical genius, Jon Margulies, a.k.a. Hobotech is performing the mixing as Raby sends tracks from her mobile recording studio on the Gulf Coast, “The Diva Trailer”.

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