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If you've ever wanted to add several things at once to your Alexa shopping list, you've probably had this painfully slow conversation:

Alexa, add butter to my shopping list.
Okay, I added butter.
Alexa, add mixed herbs.
Got it. I added mixed herbs to your shopping list.
Alexa, add milk.
Okay. I've put milk on your shopping list.

With Quick List, you can make that conversation as short as:

Alexa, ask Quick List to add butter and mixed herbs and milk.
I added three items.

Quite simply, Quick List interprets the word and as a new item for your list. It's built for ultimate speed and minimal response, saving both your voice and your ears!

When you enable Quick List, it will request write-only access to your Alexa lists. You can modify this in the Skills section of the Alexa app by selecting Quick List, then Manage Settings. If you untick the setting for writing to lists, Quick List will fail to work, and ask you to give it permission to your lists.

Quick List does not require an account of any kind, and stores no user information. It requires only write-access to your list, and does not read the contents of your lists, even after it's written to them. Currently, it writes only to your default Alexa shopping list. Customization of this may follow in future releases to allow selection of the Alexa to-do list instead, or user-created lists as they become available in different territories.

Because Quick List uses your default Alexa shopping list, it also synchronizes with any linked lists you've set up in the Alexa app.


Try not to speak with long gaps, or Alexa will interpret this as the end of your request. But some people benefit from a tiny pause before and after the word and. Experiment a little.

As in any Alexa request, Alexa will only listen for a few seconds after hearing her name. You could name four or five items to be added to your list in that time, if you speak succinctly.

You might be used to adding to my shopping list at the end of your request; don't do this with Quick List, or she'll add those words to your final list item!

Finally, you'll get your best results by starting the skill with tell Quick List to... or ask Quick List too. But if you want further details, just start it with Alexa, open Quick List or Alexa, ask Quick List for help.

If you have any support queries or suggestions for future improvements, drop the developer a line at

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