Primero Tours and Travel

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We are a Manila based travel company offering the following services:

  • Local packaged tours
  • Vehicle Rentals
  • Travel Insurance
  • Itinerary design & private tours
  • Multi-lingual tours
  • Hotel Bookings and much more!

Our friendly online staff are here from 8AM to 11PM (Manila time) to assist with inquiries and bookings.

Not only do we cater for the budget traveler, happy to join a group tour at a lower cost, but we also offer personal travel assistance, customized packages tailor fit to your needs and privately guided tours for those visiting the country.

Check out more on our website:


For faster transactions, please message our Facebook page: http:/


Please send the following message to contact numbers below:

Name: Destination/Package: Dates of Travel: Headcount:

http:/ (FB Messenger) ‎0995-933-0905 (Calls and SMS - Globe) ‎0995-933-0907 (Viber & WhatsApp Messages) ‎0908-412-1525 (Calls and SMS - Smart) ‎0908-412-1612 (Viber & WhatsApp Messages)

Main lines / General Queries 0917-680-1700/ (02) ‎500-6006 Email: [email protected] Web:

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