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Poncho isn’t just a weathercat anymore. Hire him now to be your new workplace pal! Add him to your team for weather forecasts, transit info and lunch recommendations. He can help you out at work with workplace games and advice too. DM him or call him into any channel with @Poncho to show your coworkers how fun you are. Poncho is highly customizable so team admins can control how much or how little Poncho talks to your team.

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Weather is better than ever with Poncho’s new slackbot. You can get a next day outlook in the evening, peep the re-styled morning and evening weather forecasts, and enjoy some workplace jokes with his forecasts. Just complete the easy two-question onboarding by pinging Poncho after he’s been installed on your team.

Poncho has also expanded his knowledge of transit services to cover not just New York City, but also Chicago, Boston, San Francisco, and Washington DC. Just ask “@Poncho Is the L running?” or “@Poncho Are there delays on the red line?” He’s working to add other cities very soon, including Los Angeles, Vienna, Berlin, Sydney, Melbourne, and Toronto.

Lunch is totally covered with a game of lunch roulette (“@Poncho What’s for lunch?”). Plus there’s some stress therapy (“@Poncho I’m stressed out!”), and breaktime teasers (“@Poncho I’m bored”). Basically, you can say anything to Poncho and he’ll respond with something SFW. You’ll also find him occasionally responding to messages in channels when he’s not working. NBD, Poncho gets a little bored and wants to keep everyone on the team in a good mood.