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Poncho is a personalized weather service from the coolest of cats. Who needs boring and meaningless data when you can get personalized forecasts with gifs and text that will make you smile - whatever the weather.

Vanity Fair said, ‘It’s like being pals with the Weatherman’. Which is true, if your weatherman was super cool.

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Ask Poncho

  • ⛅️ /poncho [location] What's today's forecast?
  • 💇 /hair [location] What kind of hair day are you going to have?
  • 🕑 /hourly [location] Weather in the next 6 hours.
  • ☔️ /rain [location] Is it going to rain in the next 6 hours?
  • 🚇 /mta [train line] Is your train on time? (NYC only)
  • 🙌 /poncho help Have questions? I have most of the answers.
  • 💁 You can also use these commands: /weather [location], /subway [MTA train line], and /train [MTA train line]. The more you know!
  • 📱 Also check out our Facebook bot and iOS/Android apps at

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