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About Me

The author of this web page once enjoyed the life of a carefree and independent nomad. He hailed from the wide rice fields of central Mindanao and up to this moment, finds life in the city very strange.

He once aspired to become a successful engineer, but really, his life-long dream is to become a highly acclaimed writer. It is on this aspiration that he studied BS Electronics and Communications Engineering at a big catholic university in Mindanao, thanks to a full scholarship grant by CHED. However, by some divine intervention, he failed 2 subjects (he won't disclose the reasons, but he is partly to blame).

He lost his scholarship and got contented on his new found life, as a helper in an automotive shop. After living more than a year without direction, he took the entrance exams of PNPA and luckily passed it. He graduated from the said Academy and became a commissioned officer of the PNP.

Fast forward, he is now serving the Philippine National Police and recently, he was promoted to the rank of Police Captain and still struggles to comprehend his new rank as he still salutes his fellow captain (although seniority still dominates him).

The author created this website to aid PNPA cadet aspirants in their quest for their dreams. He draws inspiration from a one specific moment of his cadetship. it was during their reception rites when he believed the guide who told them that the reception is just a feast with great foods being served. He was caught off guard by the rigidity of training yet he did not quit. you may call me an idiot for that, by I swear that I really have no idea then.

I don't want that incident to happen to you, that's why I am trying to show you a glimpse of the cadetship life, as well as how to survive.

Good luck in your endeavors!

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