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Hello my dear friends,

My name is Pieter Petros and my journey started in Antwerp, Belgium and now it's been 2,5 years since I moved to Bangalore, India.

My prime objective is to “Succeed at the Speed of Elegance” and share with you every aspect of my journey towards my vision. A vision that encompasses making this World a Happier & Better place.

Working to reach my goal, I have started with what I’m most passionate about, i.e., designing suits. These suits are like no other, for the reason them being 100% natural and completely personalised. Which undoubtedly takes the confidence level of the individual a notch higher.

I have started following my dreams, have you? Stay tuned to know how and why you should start now! Also, for those who love a good dose of unique bespoke suits, have an eye for fine art and want to see how small steps can make big difference, in making the planet better, join me in this exciting journey. The best is yet to come!

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