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Picniic is the family assistant that keeps families more organized, productive, and connected than ever before. Picniic is the best family organizer. Featured by: CBS, Forbes, USA Today, Time Magazine, Product Hunt, and The Boston Globe.

With the Picniic skill you can easily keep the family on the same page, by making real-time updates. Busy cooking dinner and running low on spices? Try, “Alexa, put steak spice on my shopping list “ to see your grocery list updated in real time. Picniic and Amazon Alexa have a seamless integration of Alexa lists. Add something to your Alexa list and it will automatically show up in Picniic as well!

Get a snapshot of what’s on your plate today with “Alexa, ask Picniic what am I doing today?” Or, stay ahead-of-the-game by saying: “Alexa, ask Picniic what's on my calendar for next Sunday?”

The Picniic skill enhances Picniic as every family's personal assistant. Whether there is one working parent or two in your family or you are divorced and co-parenting, Picniic gives you a unique and easy-to-use system for managing and simplifying family life!

1) Sign up for Picniic ( and get your family account set up.
2) Install the Amazon Alexa Picniic Skill
3) Sign in to the Picniic Skill with your Picniic account

- Get your next calendar event today or on a future date. Say: “what’s on my calendar”, “what am I doing today/tomorrow”

Amazon Alexa lists will auto-sync and be shown in the “to-dos and lists” tile of Picniic
- Add a to-do to your list. Say: “Alexa, add “pick up the kids” to my to-do list”
- Add a grocery-list item. Say “Alexa, add cheese to my shopping list”
- Get Alexa to tell you what is on your lists. Say: “Alexa, what is on my shopping list?”

“The Picniic Skill on Amazon Alexa has been a great supplement to my family's use of Picniic! We can easily update our lists and stay organized by using Alexa. Especially when we are busy or preoccupied! Definitely an easy way to add information to Picniic.” - Jane Goodfellow

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