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Welcome to the official Facebook page of Penny Comins Coaching!

I am all about you, the female entrepreneur. I'm here to help you make money and take the nerves out of sales so you can make more money so you can have the life and dream business.

Having worked in Sales, Marketing, PR and Journalism, for 15 years and owned four businesses, I know first-hand how hard it is getting this reach. Often overwhelming. Especially when you are trying to serve your current clients right?

Where to start? It takes too much time! Costly! Technical! And before you know it, developing your business becomes a fearful hole. You cling to the clients you have and hope that the good ol word of mouth will get you by.

I’m here to support you in getting more money into your business, without taxing your time.

It is time to stop the overwhelm and keep the passion alive that inspires others to look, feel, breath and move in a positive way.


I created this page to inspire you and get to know each other a little better. I will keep you updated and encourage you to share your experience, comments and suggestions. I value your feedback and thank you for helping me improve my products and services.

Just a few guidelines to keep this page a fun place for everyone to visit:

  • I’ll be happy to respond to your comments, but may refer you to different sources or channels if they are better suited to answer your questions.

  • In order to protect your privacy, I may have to delete postings containing personal data. I strongly advise you NOT to publish any personal data on my wall. These include contact details, and booking details. If you need to send me these details, please do so via the private message button.

  • I do not accept obscenities, insults, shocking content or graphic images. What so ever!

  • Negative comments and criticism will help us to improve our products & services, but we don’t want the wall to be dominated by repetitive messages or repeated discussions. Without removing the topic, we reserve the right to remove some of these postings to leave space for others.

  • In my replies, I will be as open and transparent as possible. However, I am unable to answer questions on confidential, strategic or commercial topics. I thank you for understanding.

  • Advertisements of any kind, be it (non-)commercial or personal, are not welcome. They will be removed.

  • Posting of personal details like names, e-mail addresses and telephone numbers of Penny Comins Coaching employees is not allowed.

I will manage this page according to these guidelines to keep it an open space for everyone to join. I look forward to hearing from you!

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