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Peerlift is a powerful online platform and youth-driven nonprofit dedicated to making access to high school opportunities faster and fairer than ever before. Completely run by a team of 15 recently graduated high school seniors, Peerlift is committed to leveling the playing field for lower income students across the United States. Unlike traditional scholarship websites that overwhelm students with millions of niche scholarships and lengthy required logins, Peerlift offers a set of 350 curated opportunities, each one carefully vetted to ensure it offers value and significant financial aid. We’re excited to have collected the very best summer programs, internships, scholarships, study abroad programs, college fly-ins, and free college advising services out there. We’re even more excited to offer these resources to you completely free--no complicated log-ins, hidden fees, or annoying ads required. As an official nonprofit organization, we’re proud to always put our peers over profit.

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