Paris Unraveled

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Paris Unraveled is your personal (and professional) France assistant, guiding you through all French administrative procedures to reduce your frustration and lost time while dealing with French bureaucracy. Our full-service packages ensure you get the help you need for your move to France, whether it's applying for the proper visa, switching visa statuses when you're already here, or guiding you through various labyrinthian administrations.

Our fully bilingual assistants know these administrations inside and out, so you don't have to keep going back to the préfecture (or the consulate, or the mairie, or the tax office, or Assurance Maladie...), wasting time trying to find someone who knows and understands what you should do in order to (insert administrative procedure here). We know the tips and tricks to getting things done in France with less stress and more wine, and we're ready and available to accompany you throughout your stay in France.

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