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The Journey started with Girl In Green Scarf - GIGS , a unique venture and vision of Ms. Priti Singhvi of making the world of fashion closer to the reach of all the beautiful ladies & gentlemen. Girl in Green Scarf is the platform for shopping, sharing experiences and providing knowledge on latest trends and making new one's.

Rightly said by us girls I have been shopping all my life still got nothing to wear well, for all you girls out there, Paparazzi Closet is the place you would not want to miss.

Welcome to Paparazzi Closet, the place online for your fashion needs. At our shop and on our site, you will find a fabulous, fashionable selection of clothing and accessories for every taste and any budget. We have clothes for every occasion, and we are here to help you find the perfect fit.

If there’s one thing Paparazzi Closet does not lack, it’s the opportunity to shop till you drop. With amazing designer that stretch for miles, this is a true shopper’s paradise which does not follow trends but sets them. Paparazzi Closet will guide you through all of the neighborhoods’ shopping paradise, that anyone can offer , giving you the most “bang for your buck.”

On our online shopping excursion, let no sales rack be unturned or luxury collection left behind! Paparazzi Closet offer an incredible personal shopping experience. If you have a specific item in mind that’s not in the store or on the market, we will have it made custom for you - Amazing...!! Inspired by Life, fashion and beauty 'Paparazzi' is an exclusive brand which brings dream much closer to everyone who loves to be chic, classy and comfortable. Happy shopping..!!

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