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This bot shows menus for many canteens in German universities. It can automatically send you the daily menu of your “Mensa”. It uses the public API of

Dieser Bot zeigt Speisepläne von vielen Mensen, vor allem von deutschen Universitäten. Er kann dir täglich den aktuellen Speiseplan deiner Mensa schicken. Er benutzt die API von

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Simply send your current GPS location or write me the name of your city or canteen

Other commands:

/mensa{id} or /heute{id}: Show canteen menu

/morgen{id} Show tomorrow's menu

/map{id} Show map or address of canteen

/find {name} Find canteens by name

/merke{id} Save canteen in favorites

/vergiss{id} Remove from favorites

/favoriten Show the canteens that you saved with /merke

/push Enable notifications. You'll automatically receive the daily menu of your favorite canteens.

/push hh:mm to set the time for notifications.

/pushSilently Disable the sound/bell for notifications.

/pushLoudly Enable sound/bell for notifications.

/disablePush Deactivate notifications.

/enableEmojis to enable emojis in canteen menus

/disableEmojis to disable emojis in canteen menus