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Peer-to-Peer Learning Portal We believe that experience is the best teacher, so why not learn from the experiences of fellow students? By providing students with a platform to share knowledge outside of the classroom, we bring the concept of “Social Learning” to each and every university student. Our site is a gateway for students to exchange study materials with each other, connect and enhance their university life.

Its Quality, Not Quantity In order to make sure that the notes and study guides on our site are useful and helpful for other students, we use a peer rating system for our documents. As well, offensive documents, copyrighted works, unrelated documents are flagged by our members and taken down immediately upon discovery.

Learn Anywhere, Anytime We believe that learning shouldn’t stop when class is over, it should go beyond classroom walls. Our goal is to make our resources available to students wherever they go. We are building our entire learning platform on the foundation of making everything accessible at anytime. With the rapid trend in mobile technology, intends to take advantage of that by providing study materials through laptops, iPads and even your cellphone.

Academic Integrity believes in maintaining its products and services to the highest standard of academic integrity. We pride ourselves in being able to help students achieve higher education, thus we strive to achieve compliance at all universities that our members belong to. Furthermore, we have enlisted the help of professors as site advisors and we constantly encourage other academic staff to join our site in helping to ensure academic integrity.

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