Oil 2 Horse

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Buy Here: Oil2Horse is a NEW product specially refined for horses to use as a multipurpose oil on your horse or pony. This specially blended mineral oil is made specifically for use on equines not pigs :) No additives or perfumes make it perfect for sensitive skin ( after patch testing). Price from RRP £13.99 + P&P

  1. Use to guard against parasites,condition skin to prevent thickened itchy skin and scabs and free by creating a waterproof barrier between your horses's skin and persistent wet, wintery conditions.

  2. Use as a grooming product o prevent mud sticking to manes and tails. Mud simply crumbles off the hair if Oil2Horse is applied daily to clean, dry coat and hair.

  3. Repell Harvest mite

4.Use to keep your clippers running smoothly and to prevent clipper rash on your horse

  1. Prevent breaking & splitting when applied to feather on a horses legs, mane and tail.

  2. Use after clipping to smooth the coat and create a great shine.

  3. Use before hunting to make horses and ponies easy to clean up.

  4. Keep in your tack box at shows to put a show ring shine on leather boots and chaps in addition to your manes and tails!

  5. Use as a detangler in manes and tails to avoid wind knots and to keep thick tails tangle free - just spray in and comb!

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