#11 Slack Global Rank

A bot that keeps track of what your team is doing so you don't have to!

Nikabot asks your team members one simple question a day: What did you work on today? She then gathers that information and creates accurate Gantt charts and reports so you can bill clients, keep track of projects and show off in your next meeting.

Easy time entry

  • Nikabot makes sure everyone in your team enters their data
  • She asks you when you're active on Slack so you're never interrupted from other tasks
  • Log your work in seconds, without ever leaving Slack
  • Nikabot is smart, she learns about you and helps you fill out your timesheets

Automatic reports

  • Nikabot creates reports of your team's activity by time, project and person
  • Get quick overviews on Slack and detailed information in your team's console
  • All the data can be edited and downloaded

Nikabot is free for 30 days.

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To interact with Nikabot daily, you practically don't need to know any commands. But from time to time you will need these:

help - Nikabot will return a quick cheatsheet with main commands and preferences log <date>- view, add and edit logs for past dates report <start_date>, <end_date> - get a summary for a given date range add project <project_name> - create a new project rename project <old_name> <new_name> - rename a project