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Today, MyPhone is considered a reputable name in the Philippine mobile phone market with its products’ customized “Pinoy Content” as its key differentiator . MyPhone prides itself to be the only company to offer a software exclusively created for MyPhone with gamut of data such as recipes, jokes, and even prayers.

With the country’s positive response to the company, MyPhone commits itself to the following promises:

TO OUR CUSTOMERS: MyPhone commits to celebrating PINOY PRIDE, making a difference in the lives of Filipinos through technological solutions for communication, innovative products and services, top notch customer service and constant celebration of everything beautiful about the Philippines and its people.

TO OUR PARTNERS: MyPhone commits to uphold its ideals of maintaining the credibility of our organization, the business processes, products and services through the promotion and maintenance of ethical corporate culture and practices.

TO OUR EMPLOYEES: MyPhone commits to providing a great working environment where continuous training and development of the people who fuels the success of the company is observed, and where opportunities for growth and self-improvement are fairly and equally enjoyed by everyone.

TO OUR NATION: MyPhone commits to the promise of providing products that have inculcated our direction of uplifting everything about the Philippines, believing that everything about the Philippines is beautiful and is worth taking pride in.

TO OURSELVES: MyPhone commits to constantly study, understand and keep up with the latest technological advancements, demands, and trends, while we constantly remind ourselves to put the changing and evolving needs of our customers in the face of the changing times, always on top of our priority.


  1. This page is dedicated to MyPhone FANS ONLY.

  2. Avoid posting non-MyPhone related posts on the page’s wall.

  3. Avoid posting derogatory comments regarding the products; we promote healthy conversations in this page, criticisms and suggestions are welcome.

  4. Inquiries related to technical support such as phone servicing can be posted at the page or contact the MyPhone hotline at (02)456-8888 or visit any service center nearest you.

  5. The Administrators of this page has the right to delete posts or comments and ban its member/s which does not abide by the above rules.

DISCLAIMER: MyPhone accepts no responsibility over articles or write-ups posted on sites not officiated by MyPhone, unless stated.

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