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Hello Assistant. Goodbye Tedious!

Attending meetings as well as capturing, following up on and completing action items has never been easier. Orange is a smart bot with a bit of personality that helps teams and individuals be more effective by tackling the stuff nobody likes to do.

Orange is currently great at:

  • Courtesy calling you into your meetings. No more dialing. No fumbling with codes.
  • Smart meeting alerts in Slack. Never miss a meeting or be late unless you want to.
  • Capturing action items. Tell Orange the who, what, and when and it will do the rest.
  • Followups and reminders.  Get things done.\n\nProject managers, sales persons, team leads, and individuals are more productive with Orange.  

It's all within Slack. No downloads or creating accounts. Its free to use in Slack and we’re giving all users 1 month of free courtesy calls once you link your calendar.

We’ve just started testing Orange Voice! Now you can help us train Orange to hop on your calls with you so you can talk to her and she can talk too.  We’re  always training Orange and beta testing new features that we think you’ll love.

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