My Weekend

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Are you a divorced parent trying to plan a weekend event with your kids and tired of looking at a calendar and counting every other weekend?

Then this skill is for you.

My Weekend will simply ask you if you have your kids this weekend, and based on the response will allow you to ask if you have your kids during future weekends.

It can be easy enough to know about the next couple of weekends, but the 'calendar math' gets difficult when you are trying to plan months out.

As a divorced father with a somewhat complicated custody arrangement, I built this help answer this question.

If Alexa has trouble with your kid's name, you can also say: Alexa, Ask My Weekend to add My Kid Or My Daughter, My Son, My Kids, Our Kids, The Girls, The Boys, etc.

If you need to start over just say, Alexa, Ask My Weekend to Start Over

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