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Mukuru is the most convenient way of sending money to loved ones in Africa.

We offer money transfers between the following countries:

  • From South Africa to Bangladesh | Botswana | Ethiopia | Kenya | Lesotho | Malawi | Mozambique | Namibia | Pakistan | Zambia | Zimbabwe

  • From the UK and EU to Kenya | Malawi | Mozambique | Namibia | South Africa | Zambia | Zimbabwe

  • From Zimbabwe to South Africa & Mozambique

  • From Zambia to Zimbabwe & Malawi

  • From Botswana to Zimbabwe

We are constantly working to open more countries. So keep a close watch.

If in South Africa, simply use your mobile phone to place an order and then pay at any major retailer country wide. Over 3500 locations...Moo!!. To register call us on 0860018555 or dial 130567# and we will call you.

If in the UK or EU, simply visit and register. Pay online or do an EFT transfer...Moo!!

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