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Mountain Bike Fitness's purpose is to show your everyday mountain biker how to integrate training, nutrition and recovery into their lives to become the best rider they can possibly be.

I (Matt) have been a Personal Trainer for over 6 years. As a Mountain Biker myself, it's so clear to see the benefits that MTB specific weight training, proper nutrition, efficient recovery, structured training on the bike and a controlled mindset has.

Yet, when I surveyed over 1000 mountain bikers, I found only 26% of riders weight trained.

I want to show that 26% how to get the most out of their gym training to benefit them on their bike. But, just as importantly - get the other 74% who don't lift weights to start lifting weights, or at the least - start doing some bodyweight sessions at home.

As well as this, 76% of those surveyed rated themselves as needing to lose weight. Weightloss is the single most important factor you can influence to get fitter, faster and stronger on the bike. I want to show that 76% who need to lose weight how to eat and how to train to lose the weight as easily as possible, and to keep it off.

Not every Mountain Biker wants to race, especially not to a Semi-Pro or Pro level (only 4% of those surveyed). Most of us want to get fitter to climb hills more easily, get stronger to enjoy the descents more and have the endurance to get the most out of their riding so they can go further with less effort and blast past their mates with ease.

With Mountain Bike Fitness I want to show them, and you, how to do just that.

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