Mr. CatNaps LEDs

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Prereq: Own a Mr. CatNap LED Device

This skill is used to control Mr. CatNaps LEDs. There are 3 steps to setup this skill.

Step 1) Login to your Amazon account on the app page, Give your 'NewThing' an invoke name. Copy the 'Thing Name'. Update your thing in the app.

Step 2) Log into your LED Device via wifi 'Mr CatNaps LED Setup'. Password is 12345678. Got to url on that device and set up wifi. Put in your wifi name, password, and the 'Thing Name' copied from the app.

Step 3) Download this skill and search for devices. All devices connected in the web app will be detected. They can be controlled immediately. 'Turn on bedroom'.

As long as the AWS IOT Thing is connected to the internet, all calls will be through AWS IOT. However, if the Thing loses connection to the internet, you can connect to it directly via wifi. The wifi name will be the thing name and from there you can change the WiFi settings or the turn on/off the lights.

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