MPL Legal Academy

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Our Vision

MPL Legal Academy strives to be the premier educational academy for law students and professionals in Egypt. In addition to create an actual community to lawyers that provides them with networking, sharing and improving opportunities. Our students will utilize their academic and professional experience to grow in their professional careers, be advocates for disadvantaged communities, and positively impact our society.

Our Mission The mission of MPL Legal Academy is to use its unique law themed curriculum and up-to-date methodologies of education. Throughout our MPL team, our carefully-chosen instructors and finally our students’ feedback we are able to match the international standards and graduate qualified people who will be prepared to succeed at their pursuits.


  1. Rising others up
  2. Dedication
  3. Excellence
  4. Change


  1. To provide Trainings and Workshops.
  2. To Provide a Medium and a platform.
  3. To create a Community for lawyers and law practitioners.
  4. To filling the gaps between employees and employers.
  5. Networking
  6. Translation services
  7. Database
  8. Startups consultancy
  9. Media/blog
  10. Youth rights & employment

Our main Services

A-Legal Training

  1. Advocacy skills and methodologies
  2. English for lawyers
  3. Contract Drafting
  4. Corporate for Lawyers
  5. Banking for Lawyers
  6. Real Estate
  7. Intellectual Property
  8. Stock crimes
  9. Preparation for International legal exams
  10. Preparation for drafting letters and applications.

B-Legal Consultation

  1. Delivering Information to professionals in a complex world, helping them to make their path.
  2. Drafting national & International contract in both language English & Arabic
  3. Establishing all types of Corporations
  4. Trademark registration
  5. Real estate registration

C-Legal Translation

  1. -From Arabic into English & Vise versa
  2. -From Arabic into Dutch & Vise versa
  3. -From English into Germany & Vise versa
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