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Messenger based Movie suggestion bot, which can quickly give a random suggestion for a movie to watch, providing it with the IMDB link. Easy in operation. You can also see the cast of a particular movie, backdrops and screens from a movie, et cetera directly in the bot. Also, you can have a list of movies playing in theatres right now.

The bot uses IBM Watson's conversation API so it understands basic statements and doesn't need to be a properly framed command. Also, it suggests movies based on a particular genre.

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The bot has been implemented with IBM Watson's Conversation API so it does understand basic things in context of movies. You can ask for a particular genre of movie. You can even ask for cast of a recommended movie. Or movies playing in Theatres! The next step would be to allow users to book tickets to their nearest theatres right from the bot.

For the most part, the bot has been designed to have a flow with the templates as provided by the messenger platform so it doesn't require a lot of NL understanding. Once you begin with a simple 'Hi', the bot directs you.