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If you're real interested in selling product on MotorLands, you are welcome. Our website provides all the information you need to take your first step in the process of becoming a MotorLands vendor. First, open an account with us.

It’s important for keep in touch with yours “clients”.

Then go to SELL A PRODUCT and fill all section if you want. With ADVANCE SELL MODE, Motorlands complete it for you.

For more informations see DEMO.

With BASIC SELL MODE Motorlands helps you during the whole sale, like a PERSONAL ASSISTANT.

We work with Live Chat, Email Support and our Forum. The payment is safe with SOFORT and shipping guaranteed by DHL support.

When you sell your product, buyer pay MotorLands with Sofort, choose to ship courier (DHL or others if they decide for ADVANCED BUY MODE) and pay for it. FOR MORE INFORMATION READ “SHIPPING SECTION” and SEE the DEMO.

Then you’ll send product to the buyer and when product arrives in his/her home, you can withdraw your money, but you can always see the deposit in your account.

Buyers have 12 hours to make complaint. If product are really non-compliant, the product returned, vendor pay the shipment and Motorlands gives back money to the buyer. But your and our work born for make happy the buyer without compliant!

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