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This is called the Story section, so let me tell you my point form, because it'll be easier that way:

-early 1998: started a thought of the day email list that got a couple thousand people on it -later 1998: started my website as a companion to the quote email list; I chose that name because I was also working on a book of quotes, hung out on self-publishing webforums (really a majordomo email list back then)...and because I figured that all human actions are based on a desire to be happy -published my book of quotes in 2003; I took it off the market only because I hate going to the post office. But I still give them away as incentives and prizes. -really got into internet marketing (at least reading about it) in 2005 -learned SEO and got my site up to #4 on Google for motivational quotes and stayed there a long time; I never realized that 4000 visitors a day, and 14,000 pageviews per day was a lot -was getting 250 email sign ups per day for my thought of the day -eventually tried adding Adsense to my site and began making some moolah -my Twitter grew to 50k and THIS Facebook page grew to about 45k -when Panda & Penguin hit (ie. Google updates), it killed my site; now I get in a month what I used to get in a day -tried for a year or so to recover, but couldn't figure it out. Life was VERY busy back then with 2 investment properties, work, family, 20 hours per week at a volunteer organization, so something had to give. I finally threw in the towel, and gave up on the Internet, shrinking my efforts by 90% -my thought-of-the-day email list had 35k subscribers, but I was stupid and shut that down (I realize that was a big mistake now) -I started up a new list in 2016, but even with 3 million followers, it's barely growing at all. Another sore point for me is that my Instagram is not growing. Very annoying. -however, I kept posting on this page daily since it was easy -suddenly one day I noticed I was at 50k follower. I thought that was strange; could have sworn it was still at 45k the day before -next day, it was at 55k -I began growing at 5k per day, then 7k, then 10k, and capped out at 14k per day for a long time -at about the 1 million follower mark, we decided to try promoting some links...but that resulted in the fast growth to suddenly stop -I also noticed the reach & engagement kept getting worse & worse; posting links to my own site had abysmal results -TONS of people would contact me (even today) asking to post stuff for them for money. I kept turning them down because I figured they'd get the same disappointing results, but I realize now that it's all in the presentation; with an interesting title, and article can get 10-20% reach (on my page at least) -kept growing...sometimes at around 40k per week. At 3.3 million at the time of this writing. Only growing at 13k per week lately -in early 2017, I was doing weekly FB Lives and that seemed to help the page a lot. Noticed that I was growing at 40k/week back then.... KEY POINT -recently I had this page stolen by disgusting evil monsters (Oct 6 to 26) -it took 20 days of contacting FB to get it back. Yes, it's back, but it's had some bad effects on the page -shrunk by close to 30k, missed out on 40k new followers during that time, and now I am currently not showing up in the you might like this page sections. That's hurting me a lot right now. -Goals for the future:

  1. Try to do some S4S with other pages to get some growth happening. Would like to arrange one per day.
  2. Find ways to turn this page in a JOB.
  3. Get back into FB Lives
  4. I have given hundreds of speeches and workshops for free on topics of personal growth, spirituality, and inspiration. Time to find a speakers bureau and begin speaking for a fee.
  5. I have knowledge to offer on a one-on-one scenario. I actually haven't coached for over 20 years, but I used to be good at it. I will begin doing it again.
  6. People are confused right now & even question whether or not my page is back. Some still seem to think it's being run by the thieves. I NEED TO HELP MY FOLLOWERS UNDERSTAND THAT I'M BACK AFTER 20 DAYS, AND IT'S ME RUNNING THE PAGE. -Shawn Bremner, speaker/coach/author/professional quote-guy
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