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Easy track your group expenses with friends — full history of commitments, who owe to whom, in which currency etc.

Makes easy to track finances when you share expenses traveling, organizing parties or meeting in bar.

With MoneyPieBot your altitude to debts is changed to another pleasant lunch to pay or have it paid for you.

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Use natural language. Ex

Add records

  • 10 to Tim
  • Borrowed 15 dollars from Alex in Starbucks
  • Payed (80+15) / 3 for Daniel, Mike and Kate in the cinema
  • Tyrion Lannister payed his debt
  • I returned 50 francs to Andrew
  • 20 EUR from Jane for lunch
  • Undo last debt


  • Show my balance
  • How much does Daniel and Kate owe me?
  • Status Tim Smith
  • Do I owe to someone?
  • History of Daniel
  • Increase history size


  • Show my contacts
  • Add Andrew Bing to contacts
  • Link Andrew to an account
  • Rename Timothy to Tim