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Real Estate Resources for Chicago’s Home Buyers and Sellers During my everyday activities as a Chicago area real estate agent, I see a great deal of confusion and misinformation caused by outdated and incorrect websites. All of this takes a toll on buyers and sellers, who are often confused about the process.

You might get a distinct sense of déjà vu visiting real estate websites, thinking that they’re all the same, because they mostly are. Many sites offer direct MLS feeds and I’m not here to compete with them. My primary goal in creating this site is to offer real estate clients unique resources and up-to-date information leading to better, well-informed decisions.

Please have a look around. I hope you find useful tips and advice that make the process clearer to you. If you think there’s anything the site could be doing better, let me know and I’ll incorporate it into the site.

I look forward to helping you make your real estate transaction exceptionally successful,

—Mike Zapart

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