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MICARA Established in early 2016 and created by among siblings who put their heads together to create a wearable and affordable clothing line to satisfy the needs of Muslim women through simplicity and elegance. Drawing inspiration by trends from Korean fashion exudes a timeless confidence and delightful elegance. Each collection has owns exclusive effortless style and comes with elegance designs. MICARA show the beauty and elegance of female Muslim wear. Designed with special style for wudhu & breastfeeding friendly wear that combines style with comfort. An option for daily activities is it for casual or formal. VISION MICARA aims to provide affordable clothing modern contemporary inspired by trends from Korean fashion. Focusing on elegance and modern sophisticated elements, MICARA incorporate effortlessly comfort and high-quality tailoring into its fashion forward design. MISSION MICARA is offering clothing that is up-to-date, simple yet comfortable by using materials such as cotton & heavy chiffon. Stylish effortlessly with limited edition collection and finest quality collections for your daily wear needs. Perfect for any fashionista today!

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