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Hey, I am Miao, a 16 year-old student studying in Singapore. My favourite subject is Math. I'm not a very complex person, but I do know complex numbers.

Anything Math? Ask me now! Miao~ 🤗

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Hey, I’m Miao – your fluffy study buddy, here to help you with any type of Math questions! Feel free to text me, or send me pics of your homework. I’m ready to solve ‘em all! Just Miao it!

I can answer Concept Questions: Got a Math concept you don't understand? You can ask me about definitions and theories! For example: What is a complex number? How to prove similar triangles? Still confused? I can also share some awesome online resources, like videos and articles!

I can help with Equation Questions: Tough equations always appear in homework! Don't worry, you can send me a picture of the equation (or type it out), and I'll show you how to solve it step by step!

I can even answer Word-based Questions: Word problems can be difficult, but easy game! Send me a picture of the question (or type it out), and I will find the most similar questions and answers for you instantly!

And not just that... I can also show you Relevant Topics and Resources Based on the question you send, I can figure out the Math topics behind the scenes that help you understand and solve the problem. I can also share some useful articles and clips to help you revise!

Feeling bored? You can always chat with me! Studying can be so boring and lonely... But I'll be here for you if you want someone to talk to! Anything Math? Ask me now! Miao~