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Memes For Jesus was started in 2012 by Michael Schaffer, under the name “Christian Memes.” Michael had a desire to see the online Christian community changed in a positive way, and pursued this dream by creating and sharing content which could be appreciated by Christians of any background.

Since our start, our content has been viewed by tens of millions, and we have received messages from people all around the world about how our content has brightened their days, and encouraged their faith. In 2016 our name was changed to Memes For Jesus, a name which has also served as our online handle since the beginning.

Our focus is always on challenging Christians to learn to laugh ourselves, but also look at the bigger picture, and keep our focus on serving the Lord, and sharing His Good News.

Meet the team-

Michael Schaffer (@mchaelschaffer), our founder, who is also the youth pastor at his church in Duncannon, Pennsylvania.

Nathan Zumbrock (@nathanzumbrock), our assistant administrator, who serves his church as their social media specialist in Chicago, Illinois.

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