Megan Ellyia Green, for President of the Board of Aldermen

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Megan-Ellyia Green was elected 15th Ward Alderwomen in a special election in October of 2014. After a contentious run 5 months later to hold the seat, Megan was victorious with 73% of the vote despite being outspent 4:1. Her progressive vision for St. Louis prevailed.

Since being elected, Megan has championed the creation of a Civilian Oversight Board, fought for a $15 minimum wage, brought forth the legislation to bring the $400 million stadium financing package to a public vote, and battled against public funding of a new NFL stadium.

Recognizing the economic and racial inequities that plague St. Louis, Megan is a strong supporter of the Fight for $15 and #BlackLivesMatter.

Megan also represents Missouri on the Democratic National Committee, sits on the Continuum of Care to end homelessness, and is a leader on the Local Progress Taskforce on criminal justice reform for cities.

Megan has a BA in Political Science from Penn State University, a MA in Educational Leadership from St. Louis University, and is in progress with her PhD in Education Policy at St. Louis University. She is an alum of the prestigious Coro Fellows program in Public Affairs.

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