Meeting Greeting

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Picture this... you are out at a networking event and you have just met a new group of people. Another person joins the group, and introduces himself. Are you able to introduce this new person to all of your new connections?

Now you can practice meeting and greeting people with Alexa - all while improving your memory in a fun game. Practice your networking and introduction skills, and become fast on your feet in social settings.

To get started, say 'Alexa, open Meeting Greeting.'

Alexa will ask you for your name and prompt you to choose who you would like to meet.

You can say:
'Meet Athletes'
'Meet Celebrities'
'Meet Executives'
'Meet Harry Potter Characters'

Alexa will introduce you to new people, and just like the classic 'memory game', you will be prompted to say 'Hello ' to each new person you meet.

See how many people you can remember, and compete for the high score with all other users! Check the leaderboard at for the latest scores.

Please leave reviews and comments with feedback! And happy networking!

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